null values in visualizationsforvaaadin linechart

Hi, I’m new in Vaadin. I’m using visualizationsfForVaaadin add-on for showing some charts, I’m using the LineChart component specifically, the problem is I must show several charts at the same time and some of their values are null, and the methods add(String label,double
columnValues) and addRow(String
row) won’t admit null values. Is there another way to accomplish this?. Please I’d really appreciate any help, thanks in advance.

Why not use 0 (zero) or “” (empty string), respectively?

I had this same issue.

Can’t use String, the values have to be numbers. When using 0 or 0.0 it distorts the lines very badly (there are breaks in the lines)

But there is an option to Interpolate nulls, ie. guesstimate the missing value between two points on the line.


That fixed my chart. :slight_smile: