@NotNull annotation on ComboBox<Integer>

I have a model class used by BeanValidationBinder with an attribute like this:

@NotNull(message = "should not be null")
private Integer year;

The corresponding form component is a ComboBox:

    ComboBox<Integer> year = new ComboBox<>();
    year.setItems(2000, 2001, 2002);
    // we need to do this, as the setValue makes the field invalid somehow

When the form has loaded, the combobox is immediately marked as red and shows “should not be null” validation error message unless i add year.setInvalid(false) when constructing the ComboBox. Is this expected behaviour?

Please add information about the used version.

Version is 24.1.10

When you are using the binder, where is the set/readBean call? With that there should not be any error visible (you are currently calling setValue manually)

Indeed, when i populate the backing bean instead of calling setValue it works. I guess it’s the preferred approach anyway when using a Binder. Thanks for pointing this out @quirky-zebra !