Notification message not disappearing


I am new to Vaadin and I am developing a very special web application where the only input will be a barcode scanner. Yes no keyboard or mouse!
With a little help of a injected javascript event key interceptor and an hidden textfield with a change listener I can make it work.
But I still have a problem. I want to use notification. But the problem is that it seems that the notification disappear delay only start after the mouse start moving.
Even if I set it to 2 sec, when the notification appear, if I don’t touch to anything, it stay there… forever…
If I move the mouse, then the notification disappear after the 2 second delay…
Of course on the production workstation with only the scanner, that will not be acceptable!

Am I right about that?
Is there a way to fix that? Is there a way to close them “programatically”? Or send a mouse event?

I have tried to send a keypress event using javascript. I used the setTimeout( expression, timeout ) to send it after a few milliseconds, but the timeout value is always ignored!!! Even if I put 20 second (20000), the event is fired immediately!! I am very confused about that. Is there something in the Vaadin javascript that prevent the use of a timeout in javascript?

I am using Vaadin 7 of course!


I did not try, but I guess you could create your own custom widget by extending com.vaadin.client.ui.VNotification and override “show” to call “startDelay” there.

EDIT: Since “Notification” is treated differently than e.g. labels, I don’t know if this is really somehow possible.

I was able to do with a pretty bad hack: I copied VNotification to my project (with original packages), modified the source code as described above and compiled the widgeset.