Notification for drag-start and drag-end events of a sub-window.

Hello everyone,

After going through code of sub-windows, I came to know that the current position of a sub-window is not known to server after the sub-window is moved around by a user. However, the current position is sent to server anytime client makes a request to server.

The main question is that how do I know if a user has dragged a sub-window. There are listeners for window resize event. Is there any way to know dragging of a sub-window? All I am looking for is notifications for drag-start and drag-end events.


No real listeners for the move, but a workaround is available:

Extend the normal Window class and override the setPositionX and setPositionY methods. Then set the window to immediate mode (setImmediate(true). With that you should be able to do anything necessary when the setPosition methods are called.

I already tried it. As per the source code, the x and y values are sent only if a client makes any request to the server. Setting immediate flag to true does not help.


The second updateVariable() call in VWindow.setPopupPosition() could indeed use the immediate flag - you can
create an enhancement request
for this.

Can you please create a ticket for this enhancement? I am unable to create one.


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