Notification disappears too fast

The application I’m writing has a Login window whereby when the username, password combination is incorrect, I show a notification indicating invalid credentials. Initially the notification I was using was of TYPE_WARNING_MESSAGE which is supposed to display for about 1.5 seconds. The display of the notification was disappearing so fast, you couldn’t read the message.

To try and work around this, I decided to create my own notification and set the delay timer to 5 seconds (i.e. 5000 milliseconds). Now when I display the notification is disappears at least as fast as the TYPE_WARNING_MESSAGE if not faster.

I then upgraded Vaadin to 6.6.0 and GWT to 2.3.0 but still no luck. Is there a known issue with this or am I simply doing something wrong.
The code I’m using is as follows:

Window.Notification warnNotif;
warnNotif = new Window.Notification(TM.get(this, “app.error.invalid.credentials”), “”);

If works fine for me
in the Sampler
. Do you see it in all browsers?
Maybe the problem comes from some other events from the UI sent right after the notification.

Try to isolate the problem if possible, using e.g. “?debug” in the URL and seeing what messages are being sent or by removing other factors in your program that might have an effect on this.

Using Google Chrome 17.0.963.56 the Vaadin sampler doesn’t seem to work. -1 in delay doesn’t make the notification stay on the screen.

I’m facing the same problem, with chrome 17.0.963.65m all type of notifications disappear. Setting the delay has no effect.

This should already be fixed in 6.7.6 (

This seems to have resurfaced in Vaadin 7.2.4 on Chrome 35.0.1916.153 m.
Delay -1 is not working, the notification disappears in about 1,5 seconds. Other values seem to be working.
Firefox 30.0 works as expected.

This can be tested in the sampler:

I’m on Chrome ver 35.0.1916.153 and imho everything works as expected. The HUMANIZED_MESSAGE and ASSISTIVE_NOTIFICATION disappear on mouse move event, but as far as I know this didn’t change since Vaadin6

I tested it on the newest chrome and everything works as expected. When delay msec is set to -1 all type of messages stay up until the notification is clicked (humanized and assistive also don’t disappear when the mouse is moved)

tested once again and confirmed - everything behaves as you say, Marius

Thanks for your reports!

Funny thing, I’m experiencing anomalities in all respects:

  • ERROR_MESSAGE (delay -1) disappears after 1,5sec
  • ERROR_MESSAGE (delay 0) disappears after 1,5sec & immediately on mouse move
  • HUMANIZED_MESSAGE (delay -1) disappears after 1,5sec
  • HUMANIZED_MESSAGE (delay 0) disappears after 1,5sec & immediately on mouse move

What could possibly make this difference…? I’m on win8.1

Hm, what I see is:
ERROR_MESSAGE with setDelayMsec(-1); stays on screen unless you click it
ERROR_MESSAGE with setDelayMsec(1000); stays one second after mouse move (if you don’t move the mouse it won’t disappear)
ERROR_MESSAGE with setDelayMsec(0); disappears immediately on mouse move
the same scenarios with other types of messages.
So if you want the delay to take effect mouse needs to be moved - maybe it is some kind of issue?

Different (> 0) delays seem to be working as intended, -1 is the problem for me. Of course I can set artificially high delay as a workaround…

don’t know what’s wrong, maybe it’s a win8.1 issue - I’m on Linux (Fedora 20)

That is really a weird behaviour on your end. Looking at the code for
(The client side of the Notfication) this shouldn’t happen. What happens there is:
If the mouse is moved startDelay() is called which starts a thread/Timer. This thread/timer calls fade() and is scheduled to be run in the time defined by delayMsec. Fade just slowly fades out the div (the notification)
On your end the client side seems to think that delayMsec is 0 when you set it to -1. Also it shouldn’t actually disappear when the mouse isn’t moved…

Does the same happen when you are showing a notification in an own application?
I don’t really think that the Operating system has something to do with it (using Win 7) but maybe the Browser has an issue. Did you see the same behaviour in the same browser on other computers?


I am using Google Chrome Version 52.0.2743.116 m.

Notification setDelayMsec is not working
i need to click on the notification to hide.

my code is :

Notification   notif = new Notification(caption);    


don’t know what’s wrong, Help me.!

does the notification disappear only if you click or even if you move the mouse?
The latter is the normal behaviour of notification, as stated in javadocs