Not building a war file that can be deployed

This may not strictly be a Vaadin question, but it has to do with getting a simple Vaadin project to launch. I am using Vaadin 6.8.2. I’m running in Eclipse (Juno) as a Maven project. (None of the web app projects seemed apropos.) I am trying to build a war file that will then be used be a Tomcat plugin to run the web app. My problem is that I can’t get a war file that will deploy correctly to Tomcat. I even pick up the war file and deploy it to an external Tomcat server and I get the same error. The error is in the browser:

HTTP Status 404 - /vaadin-test/

type Status report

message /vaadin-test/

description The requested resource (/vaadin-test/) is not available.

I can change the URL to whatever I want or let it default; it doesn’t matter, it still fails.

My web.xml looks like this:

		<url-pattern>/test-app</url-pattern> <!-- I can change this to anything or leave it out -->

The part of the POM file that controls to war file looks like this:




Any ideas?

The problem was in the servlet-mapping in the web.xml. Not really a problem, but I have to add that to my URL, like so.


Then I get a new error, but that’s another post.

Vaadin widgetset not being found?

If so, see section 4.8.3 of the
BoV chapter about your app environment


How did you know? I was changed the servlet-mapping url-pattern in web.xml to this:


:slight_smile: Just guessed based on the servlet mapping you had originally. We’ve all been there at least once!