Not able to render © symbol

Hi Guys,
I am not able to render © for copyright symbol
I am setting value in Link caption AND Label value, but no luck.


That’s because all HTML content is escaped in the client side.

You can override this behavior with Label, by using
new Label(“©”, Label.CONTENT_XHTML);
but no such feature for Links I’m afraid.

I think we should have similar constructors for most of the components and their captions, allowing the developer to decide if she wants to allow HTML content to be rendered.

Worth a ticket IMO.

You can’t use HTML entities in captions, but you can use Unicode characters. You could just type it from your keyboard or use the Unicode codes quoted with [tt]
[/tt]. For example:

TextField name = new TextField("\u00A9 Copyright");

In Label, you can use the HTML [tt]
[/tt] entity if you use the XHTML content mode. For example [tt]
new Label(“©”, Label.CONTENT_MODE_XHTML);

thanks :slight_smile: