NoSuchMethodError (Vaadin 6.8.1) HorizontalSplitPanel.setSplitPosition


i’ve update my Vaadin Version from 6.6.3 to 6.8.1 and now i’ve got an NoSuchMethodError:

java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: com.vaadin.ui.HorizontalSplitPanel.setSplitPosition(F)

with this code:

HorizontalSplitPanel ivHorizontalSplit = new HorizontalSplitPanel();

Near the same exception were throwed when I use:

ivHorizontalSplit.setSplitPosition(200F, Sizeable.UNITS_PIXELS);

I have no idea what’s going wrong, because my IDE and the API know this method!?

Thanks for any hint.

I can’t help you with this but find the fact interesting as I’m facing the same problems since I updated from 7 alpha 3 to beta 2.

If I’d have to hazard a guess, I’d say that your deployment and development environments differ. Are you sure that the Vaadin jar is deployed only once, and that there aren’t any old JAR-files lying around? do you use Maven, by any chance?

Hey Thomas,

thanks for your response.
Why didn’t I come up with this myself? That was the problem!

In the build dir, the older version of the vaadin jar still exist. After deleting the old file, it works fine!

thank you! :slight_smile: