Noob needs HELP ("Failed to find...")

I have been stuck on this for WEEKS. I’ve been back and forth between GitHub and Stack for help, deleting folders like ‘Target’ and ‘Node_Modules’ before building, cleaning, rebuilding, swapping out jar versions for different versions… EVERYTHING.

I. Am. Lost.

It says (like below) that it cannot find a .css file. But the file is EXACTLY where it says it can’t find it. It’s just sitting there.

Failed to find the following css files in the node_modules or C:\Users\Owner\Downloads\java-web-app\java-web-app\.\frontend directory tree:
- ./css/report-ui-styles.css
Check that they exist or are installed. If you use a custom directory for your resource files instead of the default frontend folder then make sure it’s correctly configured (e.g. set ‘vaadin.frontend.frontend.folder’ property)

Anyone? I would be so appreciative.

We probably need a little bit more context to help. Do you have auch a file? report-ui-styles.css? When did the error occur / what do you wanna archive?

I do have the file and it is right in the directory specified by the error message. Sorry, I am just trying to run a barebones application from one of Vaadin’s tutorials on YouTube and this error occurs during the front end build process.

Which video? Something old? Report UI sounds like an old video from Alejandro which is probably not up to date anymore.

I’d propose generating a new Vaadin project through instead. That way you get a ready-to-run project with a proper setup for the latest version.