No Treetable documentation?

Since it seems that hierarchical support for Grid isn’t on the Roadmap anymore, I will just have to use the basic Treetable. However, I see absolutely
reference to it in the Book of Vaadin. Is there no documentation for this component at all, besides the JavaDoc for it in the API? I know that would be enough for most developers, but since I am still a newbie at reading JavaDocs, it’s almost useless to me. And the Treetable is the backbone of my project, so I cannot move forward without it. Can anyone please point me to some good, step-by-step usage of the Treetable component? (I mostly need to know in what forms it will accept the data to be displayed.)

Hi Chris,

There definitely should be something about it in the book, but it has been on a low-ish priority, as it is practically a Table with Hierarchical support. I suppose it wouldn’t be a big effort to add at least something.

There’s already a small collection of
book examples for TreeTable
. Hmm, couple of them seem to be broken.

It’s really a good component, and really important as Grid doesn’t have the support.

Thanks for the reply, @Marko. Your link actually gives me an idea, so I’ll see about giving it a try when I get back to work on Monday after the holiday. I’ll post here how it went. :~)

I added
a short section about TreeTable
in the book, and fixed and updated
the examples
a little bit. I noticed that TreeTable has special support for the Collapsible interface to define the state in the container instead of in the TreeTable, but implementing such a container seems more than just implementing that interface, as there isn’t really any suitable container to extend with that support easily (storing it in a container extending HierarchicalContainer wouldn’t have any benefit).

Please tell if there’s some special topic that would need more details. I’m off for vacation as soon as I hit “Post Reply” here, so I’ll look into it later.