No rows in Grid / Table - Server message without client id received


today we tried to switch to newer Vaadin version in our application, from 7.5.9. It looked like there is no problem, but suddenly I noticed that all grids or tables have no items. However, there are a lot of warning messages in log saying “Server message without client id received” which seems to be the problem. Do anyone have the same problem?

Thanks for response

Forgot to mention that the version we tried was 7.6.0.

I had the same problem today.
I accedently copied the vaadin-client-7.6.0.jar to the WEB-INF/lib folder.

Try to delete it, then rebuild, recompile widgets ect.

Helped here…

I am having the same issues. I tried to clean the ivy cache and execute resolve and the error is still there.

No vaadin-client-7.6.0.jar is present, only vaadin-client-compiled which is fine. We combine Vaadin with Spring via older version of vaadin4spring addon (0.0.5) - maybe the problem is here?

i’m facing the same issue. There is no row displayed on Grid. In server console I have the same message:

Server message without client id received.

I m using vaadin 7.6.8 on IBM Websphere. I have attached the pom.xml of my project.

Is there any hint please to help out?

Many thanks

27110.xml (5.82 KB)

I have solved the problème. I was using vaadin 7.6.8 with a vaadin-client-compiled7.4.2.
Just switched vaadin-client-compiled to 7…6.8, every thing is sorted out.