No right click in Vaadin application

For my application I want to switch off the right click in the browser (context menu), as it is for example in many apps on the Vaadin homepage. I found something liek this:

RootLayoutPanel.get().addHandler( new ContextMenuHandler() { @Override public void onContextMenu( final ContextMenuEvent pEvent ) { pEvent.preventDefault(); pEvent.stopPropagation(); } }, ContextMenuEvent.getType() ); So I wrote a small AddOn which runs that code. But when I do that, afterwards all click events are gone. I can not click buttons, scroll bars etc. anymore.
First I thought maybe my clickhandler is called for every mouse click, but it is only called when I do a right click. Does anyone has an idea, what is going wrong? Are there other possiblities? Can it be done on the server side too?