No get/setCursorPosition in RichTextArea?

TextField and TextArea both have the get/setCursorPosition methods, so why not the same for RichTextArea? TextField and TextArea are subclases of AbstractTextField that owns these methods, but irrespective of this, “locating cursor position” is a standard use case for any editable text UI components.

Once again, one finds oneself making a careless assumption: that because these methods are in TextField and TextArea, they must also be in RichTextArea.

Vaadin RichTextArea is based on the GWT widget with the same name, but unfortunately it does not yet have set/getCursorPosition() feature yet. There’s
ticket #2182
for it. It looks like the feature is not very simple to implement. The
project is an experimental implementation under work, but it’s hard to say when we could get a proper working implementation and when it is included in GWT. It would be possible to implement in Vaadin separately as well, but it’s hard to say if it is worth the effort if it is implemented in GWT soon.

There was
ticket #5217
for the feature in TextField/Area, but there doesn’t seem to be a feature request for RichTextArea, so perhaps you could create one. Please target it to “Vaadin Backlog” and mention this forum thread.

6 years later… and still no such methods