No event/listener for Upload.interruptUpload()?

When I use Upload.interruptUpload() none of the listeners, FailedListener and FinishedListener, react on the interrupted upload. Is this a bug or do I miss something?

I’m not quite sure but i would think that it’s sensible that none of this Listeners get called when you interrupt the Upload. The Upload obviously didn’t finish because the Upload was interrupted and it also didn’t really fail as it was manually interrupted.

Calling these Listeners would be more irritating then useful. When you manually interrupt your upload you should be able to do your calculation/operations/… you would do in the listener right after the line Upload.interrupUpload()

I don’t know but interrupting happens kind of asynchronious. I can’t just assume that it was interrupted and then proceed after the interruptUpload() call. For example interrupting creates a useless file in the upload folder which needs to be deleted (for some reason it cannot be deleted after the interruptUpload()), there are also small things like progress indicator which has to be hidden etc.

Which Vaadin Version are you using?
…because i found this ticket which implies that the failedlistener gets called.

The version i’m using is 7.0.7.

I saw that ticket too, this is why I am asking if it’s a bug. I’m new to Vaadin, so not sure which behaviour is correct.