No cursor control in TextField when inside a Table (6.5.5)

I’m not sure if this is a new issue with 6.5.5 or not, but I noted that I cannot control the insertion bar inside a TextField with my cursor keys if that TextField is inside a Table. When it’s just a regular TextField in a Form, the cursor keys work as expected.

When I click inside a TextField in a Table, the field shows focus and the insertion bar appears. Left/right cursors do nothing. Up and down cursors cause it to move rows in the Table. It’s like the Table has focus over cursor control instead of the embedded TextField.

What might cause this? Thanks for any tips!


Ouch, it seems like a nasty regression. Now it’s called

There was
another critical bug
regarding the open() method and we planned on making an early release of 6.5.6 on monday, but we may have to fix this as well. We’ll see.

Thanks for reporting this.