No column names in table after recompile

I’ve decided to add to my application add-on, Wizard. I’ve downloaded it and add jar file to my project. Earlier I vave 6.2.5 version of vaadin, but Wizard component requires > 6.5 so I’ve changed version to 6.6.5. Then I did recompilation and since that time table components doesn’t work. In firefox I don’t have column names. In other browser I have column names but after click on row it looks like invisible. Of course wizard component works great in both browsers.
Second problem is that now I try to change version to older 6.2.5 (when all components exept wizard works) but I don’t see any changes. Of course wizard doesn’t work, but in table I still don’t see column names.

Please make sure that you don’t have any old Vaadin themes copied from the Jar to VAADIN/themes or anything like that. You can use the “?debug” parameter for the application to get the debug box which shows the versions of the Vaadin library and the widget set at least. I think it also reports theme incompatibility, if I remember correctly.

You might also have some caching problem in your environment (Eclipse?). Shut down the server, clean all work directories, and restart. How you should clean them depends on your server.