Newbie ...How to print and use local resoureces

I am newbie and I am tryin to use this framework but I have a few questions:

1- How can I print report using this?

2-I can use local resources from this ?

3-What is the best application server for this Tomcat, WebSphere…?

4-For Ipad , the interface run equal?

Print isn’t built-in, use a PDF-creation-library of your choice.

Which local resources? The client-side is compiled to Javascript, so you can use whatever is reachable via Javascript in a Browser.

Runs on any application-server that supports the Servlet- or Portlet-Specifications. No recommendations are made here - as far as I know at least.

It’s a web-application, so it depends on the used browser. All applications I have seen on iPad so far, looked equal to those in the desktop-browser. There is also a mobile addon called Touchkit which provides a near-to-native Look&Feel on iPad and iPhone.