Newbie Help

I’ve attempted to follow the Google AppEngine HOWTO at and am having a couple of problems. The first thing I noticed was that I wasn’t apparently seeing the Vaadin UI, but was instead getting the contents of index.html.
The second thing is that when I attempt to deploy to appengine, I get a message indicating that my project is not an App Engine project. I’ve been attempting to do this with Vaadin 7 projects on Eclipse Kepler.

I am having the same problem. How did you solve it?

Just landed into the Vaadin world !

I’m using Eclipse IDE and bought “Learning Vaadin 7 by Example”, which I’m trying to deligently read and try every single example. I’m somewhat new to Eclipse as well.

Problem is from chapter 3, my applications don’t work as instructed.

  1. Button Click listener does not seem to work.
  2. Layer boundaries do not show. It seems to appear and disappear.
  3. Horizontal Split panel responds to resizing but does not look like it should - it just displays a single thin line.
  4. The “ivysettings.xml” file for all my projects have a warning - even those that work as expected.

My server for now is Tomcat 6.037
Prior to this I was using Jetty and I got info like:

“Add widgetset and/or theme JAR to your classpath or add files to WebContent/VAADIN folder”

Vaadin seems like what I need for my web apps. Can someone help with this ?

I am having lots of problems deploying this. I want to deploy a small test app before I put a lot of work into it. I really have a ton of problems getting it to work with Google App Engine. If you just follow the instructions they say in the book for GAE it does not work. In the end I have to lean everything about maven and github and tomcat and Open Shift just to get some basic app to work. Relaly frustrating. I hope it is worth it in the end as my client is getting impatient.