newbie - Edit existing Mail Portlet

I’m new to Vaadin and somewhat new to eclipse and java. I have done the basic install of Vaadin and test of “hello world” and everything works fine.

My questions is, how do edit the existing liferay vaadin mail portlet.

I have the war file mail-portlet- and I want to create a project using it. What are the step necessary to create a Vaadin portlet project in eclipse using the war file?


How can I use the vaadin portion of the liferay 6.0.6 source /liferay-portal-6.0.6/tomcat-6.0.29/webapps/mail-portlet to create a vaadin project in eclipse.

I have tried importing the war file or using the existing directory, but the project never seems to get setup correctly…

Thank you in advance for your help!



Don’t try importing the WAR. It might work but is not a good way to work on a project.

Check out the project from the repository and import it in Eclipse. You can look at the
instructions for checking out Vaadin
. Checking out the mail portlet from the Liferay source repository should be similar, up to the Step 4.

You can also check it out from the repository first and then create a New Project → Dynamic Web Project in Eclipse and use the checked out directory as the “Project Location” in the New Project dialog.