[newbie alert] multiple questions about vaadin setup and utility

I am trying to create a small app which will consist of a gridtable(or whatever it is called in vaadin) that shows data resulting from a postgis database query + a mapwidget coming either from vaadin openlayers plugin ( which is unfortunately compatible only with vaadin 6 ) or from geomajas pure-gwt widget that will geographically represent the data.
Being very new to this i am escpecially interested in the boilerplate code and tasks needed for setting up this vaadin app that will most likely have to use hib – spatial. If anybody could point me to the exact chapters i need to read to make this happen i would be most greatful.
And already i have my first batch of questions. I see there is a vaadin plugin which is needed to be installed. What relation is between it and and GPE ( i am using eclipse yes). Will they conflict? Must i uninstall the GPE before going for the vaadin plugin. And what about vaadin + hibernate, will the spatial extension also work? ( i think i should take this one to the hibernate addon forum and i most likely will after my other questions are answered)
Thank you in advance for your answers and your patience