[newbee] Eclipse Project does not build java class files


I have been following the tutorial in the Vaadin Book and am struggling with the setup of the web app project. I have downloaded a vanilla Eclipse Mars EE and installed Ivy and the Vaadin plug-in. Using the new project wizard I created a new Vaadin 7 project. Unfortunately I can not deploy it right away because no class files are created in build/classes. I would have expected to see the MyprojectUI.class file there. I have tried to refresh, clean and manualy build the project but that does not help. Also editing MyprojectUI does not help. The build path looks ok with two source folders (myproject/src and myproject/test) and the default output folder looks good too (myproject/build/classes).

Has anybody had a similar issue? Or an idea where I could look?

Thanks for your help!

SOLVED: Select the Project > “Close Project” > “Open Project”
Now its building as expected.

Sorry, my solution posted above is not correct. Actualy the problem is that “Build Automatically” does not work for some reason. If I deactivate this option and build the project manualy the class files are created.

This seems like an Eclipse issue and probably has nothing to do with Vaadin or the Vaadin plug-in, but I would still be happy for tipps on how to resolve this if anyone has seen this before.

For reference, I am using:

Eclipse Java EE IDE for Web Developers Mars 4.5.0
Apache Ivy 2.4.0
Vaadin Plug-in for Eclipse 2.3.2