new widget

I had just started gwt/vaadin client side development.

I create a Vaadin Application and use the eclipse plugin to create a widget stub component.

Now I am trying to use this new widget in another project. I exported it as a jar and dropped in the web-inf/lib of the new application and recompiled as should be normally done.

Unfortunately this doesn’t work, is there a step by step instruction i can follow.

Perhaps some kind of description on what error you observe would perhaps help finding out what exactly gets messed up.

Anyway, our R&D guy John quite recently wrote a
blog post
about creating extendable and testable add-ons, so that part should be pretty much covered on that page.

Just guessing: when deciding which JARs to use during widgetset compilation, the Eclipse plug-in only takes JARs that either have certain Vaadin add-on fields in the JAR manifest or that contain GWT modules. Also, having the client side code in the correct place under the package where the .gwt.xml file is matters.

To have most of the manifest fields automatically generated, try to export the component using the Vaadin Add-on exporter, not the standard JAR exporter.

Ha Nice! Now it works. The blog post pointed to by Jonas Granvik also shed light albeit on a different matter.