New type of Drag & Drop for GridLayout

Hello everybody,

I use Vaadin for a school project and I needed a GridLayout that carry out drag and drop. It exists the good DargDropLayout add-on, however it manages drop event only on empty cells. As the demo show it!dd-grid-layout
. So I developed my own little system in the purpose of swapping two components of the layout. See next to the ‘4’ on the picture :-). What do you think about that? Would it be possible to to include my code to the DragDropLayout add-on for improving him?

Thanks for your anwsers.



I suggest making a pull request to the add-on’s
GitHub repo.


Yes, a repo request should be a good idea… I’m really impressed of what you are doing with your kids. Where you are teaching this? Can i send my children to your school?

:wink: +1 …


Hello Matthias, I was a student and it was my final work of studies. Now I will be a teacher, so you are not completly wrong :slight_smile: . I posted my code to the repo, unfornatly there is a system that checks the code before to accept it and I did not understand its working. :frowning: I mailed the developer of the add-on but he did not answer me . If somebody is interested, I can share my code