New to Vaadin Tree

Hi friends

I just want similar kind of approach found in this
wherein there is tree on left hand side and when we click the value changes on the right hand side…

How can I achieve this…

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Vaadin Tutorial
is a good place to start. You could download the pdf book too for free!

Haven’t you seen the “View Source” above the example?

Thanks for your reply

I started creating the the sample applications which will display data from the database.

I really liked the structure of vaadin.

I am trying to add some piece of code something like this for tree event

public void itemClick(ItemClickEvent event) {


//What code to be added up so that the value in the right hand side is changed. It should be dynamic
//I cannot keep writing if else to check wht is clicked from the tree whether child or parent

I could not view source of the link that i had specified.