New Spring Boot Vaadin Project - Default /login view

Hi there, I’ve recently started a new Spring Boot project with Vaadin. I’ve create a view class and set the route to “” with the @Route annotation, but when I navigate to localhost:8080 it automatically takes me to localhost:8080.login. After some research, I found that this is due to the Spring Security dependency included in my pom.xml. I’ve removed the Spring Security dependency and re-built the project, but I’m still being auto-navigated to the /login route. Any ideas?

Do you have a SecurityConfiguration class there or something?

You might also want to check Starter Projects | Vaadin for the plain Spring Boot starter

Nope, could it potentially be browser caching or something? I’ll have a look at the Vaadin Starters, ty!

Unlikely to be from cache. It’s also possible that you have a server-side forward. But it’s easier if you just compare your app to a plain starter, speculation without seeing the source is kind of difficult :smile:

Try mvn clean yet? I had this same issue and I finally got it working. I think it was the clean, but not 100% sure. or maybe package or install, or perhaps when I clicked the recycle button in IntelIj to “reload all maven projects” after I removed the deps in my pom.