New Items inline using Table+JPAContainer doesn't work without auto-generat

Ok, so I am prototyping an application using Vaadin 7 and JPAContainer 3.0.0.

I would like to create a user interface that allows adding new rows in a database table by adding empty rows into the table, not with a popup form as in most of the examples.

It turns out that this is possible, if and only if your JPA entity can be created in the database with a no-arguments constructor ( IE, it has an autogenerated primary key ).

This is a significant limitation, and one i think needent exist, IF the table is buffered.

I think what is needed is to override Table.addItem so that it when buffered is true, it does not attempt to add the entity to the underlying container until commit() is called. This seems like the right solution, but also looks like it is a substantial amount of work to pull off. The Table implementation appears to rely quite heavily on the assumption that there is a 1-1 relation between table items and container items. This is the only way in which a completely blank row can be added to the table

Does anyone have an idea of how to solve this, or (even better ) an alternative solution that is easier?

Of course i can fall back to the examples and use a popup form-- but that is lame. this is simple data-- and a human wants to just add a row to the bottom of the danged table!