New DateField in Vaadin 6.8.0

I have just noticed the new DateField look in month resolution, where it shows full six weeks. Is that something we can control like week number visibility?

IMHO it looks very messy at the moment with double-digit dates first, then single-digit, double-digit and single-digit dates again. Maybe it would look better with the previous/next month days greyed out.
But moving the looks aside, what is the reasoning behind the six week “month”? For example in June 2012 it shows extra 8 days of the next month, that can’t be right.

After a closer inspection I can see that in fact the extra days are grey and I can further tweak how they look with CSS (v-datefield-calendarpanel-day-offmonth) which is very nice.

But I am still questioning the whole idea. Take a look at April 2013 which is showing extra 12 days of June. Or January 2012 with extra 6 days that are not January and not even 2012.

Is there a way to display a month as a standard unit of time instead of six-week time slot with a month label?

A bug in the InlineDateField related to this new feature.
Open June 2012 and select one of the off days for example the 1st. Please note that the calendar still says June even when that day belongs to July, which is good because that’s the month user wanted to see. Now click on the next month button/arrow and it says August but July days are displayed.