New ComboBox?


I have read about an new implementation of the ComboBox.
When is it going to be available and what is the main diffrence?

The ComboBox is sweet but needs some better usability in the TouchKit.




This is indeed one of the largest issues for TouchKit developers currently. There was actually almost ready touch optimised replacement for ComboBox in TouchKit development branch, but it was dropped because of these plans for a rewrite in core. I wouldn’t hold my breath for a release, I have seen fellows here doing some prototyping for new table, but not for ComboBox.

A solid fallback is to build a replacement composition using TextField, Table and Popover. One is used in my
Vornitologist test app
(adding observation and there selecting species). A rude example of such a solution can be taken from here:

That tool was used in the recent TouchKit webinar.


Thanks Matti!

That example worked like a charm after som tweeking :slight_smile: