New at vaadin. strange thing happning.

Hi Guys,

I am new at Vaadin. I was working with gwt before and I know I decided to migrate to vaadin.

I am using netbeans and I think I am missing something. I created a new project with vaadin and I do some modification at the default “hello world”. I just add some buttons other labels, etc.

When I ran for the first time I can see those compoments there. But when I try to add more I don’t see them anymore. Even if I remove them, they still showing on the browser when I compile them. I don’t know what is happening.

Has anybody experienced this before ?

Thank You for the help

I have no idea (from your description it could be any of a hundred things), but it seems that your changes aren’t deployed correctly to your server.

Another possibility: if your session is kept on the server between the tests, try adding “?restartApplication” to the URL when testing.

Hello Henri,

Yes adding ?restartApplication did the trick. Thank you so much.

May I know why things like that happen ? Is there a way to avoid it without having to add ?restartApplication to the URL all the time ?

Thank You

See e.g.
this blog post

Bobby Bissett has also
made a bookmarklet
for restarting a Vaadin application.

With Vaadin 7, there is no need for restartApplication parameter any more.