"NEW" Announcement - Like in the Vaadin Demo?

hey :slight_smile:

is there a way to get those “new” announcement like they use in the Vaadin sampler?
I would love to add a red “3 changes” banner to my refresh button on my page.

If you mean the text after the item name, they used a style for that. ( background: url(“new-tree-badge.png”) no-repeat scroll right 2px transparent; )
I am guessing however you are looking for something like this addon can provide:


Yes I think we are talking about the same thing.
The addon looks nice, but it doesn’t support the browsers I need. Maybe they will add it official to Vaadin. :slight_smile:


Don’t trust the compatibility list on the add-on page blindly, it might just be that the author hasn’t had time to test the add-on in all browsers.

I suggest you try it out yourself, and see if it works in those browsers that you need.