New AddOn: PrintService for Vaadin


I have just uploaded a new Addon: PrintService for Vaadin.
It is available here:

It makes it possible to retrieve a list of printers available on the client and print to those printers using the standard Java PrintService API. The AddOn is experimental however, but it should work in most cases. The AddOn requires the client to have Java installed.

Check it out from time to time as bugs will be fixed, features implemented and documentation written.

Best Regards
Michael Krog


I have the printservice-demo-0.0.4.war deployed to tomcat 7.
I got message error see attachment.

How do I solve it?


Hi Michael…how this add-on works? what does it print?..does it prints maybe a layout and its components?

Hello Michael,
I am using your add-on and I have this problem with my customers. They all use IE 8 in windows xp and, after some time that they print correctly to the printer this stops working because there is a document in printing state in the queue that locks subsequent jobs. From printer panel it is not possible to delete the job and I must remotely access with administrator privileges, net stop spooler and net start spooler and clear the queue. Did you experience something similar or have any idea? Thanks.

vaadin support for 7+ ?