Netbeans Support... Needs to be Better!

Like to see better (at least identical) framework plugin support for Netbeans as is done for Eclipse.

The following page (“”) provides a dated NBM installation package which contains a pretty old version of Vaadin (6.2.x). It would also be nice to see support for Vaadin’s Visual Editor in Netbeans.


Go to Tools → Libraries, find Vaadin lib and update jar file there, now all your new projects will have up-to-date vaadin. Vaadin plugin for Netbeans is fine, the only thing missing is widgetset compilation. About visual designer - they said it will work standalone, and if you use Scala instead of Java it is not needed either, because GUI creation code is very concise and clean.

Hell, I even don’t know Java at all. All those words like servlet, pojo, classpath, hibernate, spring, maven, eclipse, jpa, etc are alien to me, because I’m a whole life php/delphi developer. But my apps in vaadin+scala under netbeans just work, because it IS that simple to install, learn and code.
I tried Eclipse first, since vaadin devs recommend it, but for a person with zero Java knowledge it is horrible - very, very complecated, tons of “what-the-hell-is-this” menu items and dialogs. After it Netbeans was a breeze…