Nested Tables


I’m facing a problem with the table component.

Think about Persons having multiple Adresses which are displayed in one Table like

Name   |   Lastname    |    Street   |   Zip |    City
name1|  lastname1      | street 1    | zip1  | city1
                        | street 2    |zip2   | city2
name2 | lastname2      | street 3   | zip3   |city3

so what I want is to group the person attributes with a colspan instead of repeating them for all adresses of this person.

does anybody know a way how to do that ?

Do you need to have them on actual separate lines of the table (e.g. have them separately selectable), or would it suffice if they were just visually on different lines? This could be done by using a layout inside the table columns, so that each address is a new line inside the layout.

seperate lines would have been nice, but now we do it with a layout inside the table cells