Need Table from JFreeChart Demo

Hi! As mentioned in another post, the customizing of table cells with column generator and horizontal layout doesn’t quite work as expected (or maybe I am doing something wrong?!).

Now I’ve seen the Demo for JFree Chart Wrapper in Vaadin Directory, which is styled similarly to the style I want for my table to be.

Can someone point me in the right direction for this? How is it done? Sample source code does not include the source for this. Maybe the add on author can help with this.

Thanks very much in advance,

Strange, the source code for the demo application
is there
, but it says nothing about the table. Matti, commit please? :slight_smile:

Looking at it, the table cells are Label components in HTML content mode. Using a Label with HTML avoids the click problem, may be also otherwise better, and is definitively faster than using complex layouts in the table cells.

I hope you noticed the response about the
click problem