Need help with deployment

Hello there, I am trying to deploy a vaadin app to apache tomcat version 10. My code is compiled with java 17 and maven. I am using the default archtype for vaadin in VSCode.

whenever I deploy a war file It show’s as running but when I click on the link it gives a 404 error saying page not found.

is there anything that I can do?

Please share the log with us so we can figure out what might be wrong

Tomcat 10 is not supported by current GA versions.

are we talking about logs in


I am running this on linux

log.txt (2.31 KB)

here you go

can this problem be resolved

What Vaadin version are you using? As @quirky-zebra said tomcat 10 is supported only by Vaadin 24.
If using Vaadin 23 or prior with Tomcat 10 the application cannot be initialized because servlet listeners are not recognized, since they implement classes from javax.* packages, not from jakarta.*

Either use a prior tomcat version (e.g. 9) or upgrade to Vaadin 24, that however is currently in alpha release

I have tried this with tomcat 8 and 9 also but it fails to deploy

Can you share a full log, starting from the deployment?
The previous one seems an access log , not the tomcat server logs