Need help on Master Detail view

I am a new bee to Vaadin. Trying to develop a application. My scenario is like below. I have a page where i am displaying a table and a detail vie below that.The table displays only 4 feilds for a user object. I am able to display all the records from my source on the table with no issues.

The details section is a tab sheet with four tabs. When a use clicks on a record in the table. I need to get the details of that user from the source and display the details spread across these four tabs in the details section. This is what i am unable to achieve.

I went thru several posts and got to know that i need to use separate for each tab. But i was not successful in doing that.

Can any one guide me how to get the above scenarios achieved. If you can guide me to a sample code that would also help.

Have you followed the
Vaadin tutorial

It basically builds a master-detail view for an address book.

It does not deal with spreading the detail over tabs, but that’s a separate problem to solve. I would first get the select-and-display-single-form working, and then solve the problem of spreading the form over multiple tabs.