Need help getting Vaadin Hibernate app example working as Liferay portlet

Hi! I’m attempting to convert the Vaadin hibernate app example in the incubator to a Liferay portlet. I’m sharing it here for now:

Basically, I was just having a hard time finding a working example of a portlet that does CRUD with Vaadin, so wanted to help start something that did that.

It is not working yet (nothing displays in the portlet window after it is added to the page in Liferay 6.0.6), but it deploys and doesn’t have any errors. If you have time to review it and let me know if you see any obvious issues with it that can be fixed, please let me know, either here or, better yet, via GitHub. I’d be happy to move it to the incubator area if the team would like me to. I’m using Maven to build it for now, but if it makes more sense to build with Eclipse so that it can more easily work with the Vaadin Eclipse plugin that is cool, too.