Need help adding a text field to a table using a BeanContainer

I am adding items to a two column table from a Bean Container. What I want to be able to do is one one column include the attribute name, but in the second column I want to add a text box.

What I am doing in a nutshell is below.

originContainer = new BeanItemContainer<Attributes.Attribute>(Attributes.Attribute.class);
destinationContainer = new BeanItemContainer<Attributes.Attribute>(Attributes.Attribute.class);



Any help is greatly appreciated.

Your code doesn’t really make any sense to me as there are so many unknown variables but to add TextField Components in a column of your table you can either add a new ColumnProperty of type TextField.class and then when you add an item you also add an instance of a TextField or you use GeneratedColumns.
Here is
a Tutorial/more Information
in form of a chapter in the Book of Vaadin.

This things should work regardless of what Container it is.