Need a result table like e.g. google displays its search matches

Hi there,

in my “result table” i want to display the search matches like google and not within a typically table.

Do i have to display the matches by my one, like using layout containes, Labels, etc. or is there anything like a container which is can reuse?


Use a single-column Table / PagingTable with a GeneratedColumn of type Component. In the ColumnGenerator build your search-Results as needed and return them towards the table for tabular display.


A CssLayout containing (possibly fixed size) CssLayouts(/CustomLayouts) for each result is more efficient and flexible than a Table or most other layouts, but does require some more tweaking to set it up.

Henri, thanks, i just saw your reply now.

Can you give me some hints how to do this?

My problem is very simple. i want to display arround (maximum) 100.000 “rows”, of course by the help of lazy-loading. Each row is a UI-Container (with a label and some buttons).

How can i do this?

With the other approach using a table i was actually finished. Just have a last problem with wrapping labels within a table-cell:


If you have 100000 rows, you do need lazy loading and a suitably themed Table (perhaps with only one column) is probably the easiest option. Otherwise, you might need to develop a custom client side component or use paging in some way.

A colleague of mine wrote a lazy loading layout for an open source
forum project
layout source code here
), but it is for the current Vaadin 7 alpha version where layouts are internally quite different from Vaadin 6. I know it can scale to thousands of items but I don’t know if tested for 100000.