Navigator7 Templating?

By any chance the Navigator7 addon can be extended somehow to represent a template layout?
In Zend Framework for example there is the Zend_Layout which allows to create a general layout in HTML and you can render elements within it
something like

this->content() //ex: SimplePage.class

Each of these elements might be in a specific div within an HTML page.

In Navigator7 I see that there is the chance to extend HeaderFooterFixedAppLevelWindow by adding a header and a footer, but there is not so much space for left side menu (navigation) for example.

(I am quite new to Vaadin world so excuse my lack of information if the above example will not work on Vaadin)

Replying to my own question.
Navigator7 has also the possibility of Templating:
The HeaderFooterAppLevelWindow gives the possibility to add a header and footer to web pages (

Three Template options are: