navigator7 -- multi-tab broken

Hi all,

I’ve not sure I’m posting this at the right place, but I’ll do it anyway. I’ve been making a Proof-of-Concept using Vaadin to create an application with the following attributes:

  • URI Support
  • Browser Multi-Tab Support
  • Back/History Support

The issue I’m having is that all tabs except the first (I’ll call it the master-tab) do not seem to be persisted on the server-side.

I have have a simple page with a TextField (immediate=true) in the master tab. If i enter some random text in it and hit the refresh button of the browser, the page is re-rendered with my text in the TextField. Everything works as anticipated.

In a secondary tab, I do the exact same thing, but the text is not redrawn in the Text-Field, the state has been lost in the refresh.

So far, I have not discovered the reason for this odd behavior…

Nevermind the issue with navigator7… We decided to use some home-made solution to the multi-tab issue and it works OK (Not perfect, but we’re getting there)

Thansk all for your morale support :slight_smile: (No sarcasm intended, I’m sure you all supported me in some tiny way)