Navigator Problem


I am using navigator add-on for navigation from one screen to another. My problem is when I navigate to another screen by clicking on the menu item and again return back to the previous screen, the changes made to the screen remains as it is, that is it does not reset. What can i do to reset the screen each and every time I open the screen. My code to wire up navigation is as shown:[code]

for (final Class viewClass : new Class { Dashboard.class,
Editor.class, Ticket.class, MockupView.class }) {
navigator.addView(viewClass.getSimpleName(), viewClass);
menu.addItem(viewClass.getSimpleName(), new MenuBar.Command() {

            public void menuSelected(MenuItem selectedItem) {


And my View class is as shown:[code]

public class Ticket extends HorizontalLayout implements Navigator.View
public void init(Navigator navigator, Application application) {

public void navigateTo(String requestedDataId) {
	if (requestedDataId == null) {
	} else {

		navigatorDetails.setCaption("Ticket #" + requestedDataId);

public String getWarningForNavigatingFrom() {
	return null;


Please correct me if i have made any mistake and give me a solution.