Navigator not changing view


I am using new vaadin spring boot integration and am having problems with changing views.
On initial UI load I have vertical layout which is used when initializing navigator and then
at the end of UI init method I navigate to a default view.

Then I click on a button which calls navigator to change the view. Here however is what happens (code
below from vaadin’s Navigator class):

protected void navigateTo(View view, String viewName, String parameters) {
        ViewChangeEvent event = new ViewChangeEvent(this, currentView, view,
                viewName, parameters);
        if (!fireBeforeViewChange(event)) {
            // #10901. Revert URL to previous state if back-button navigation
            // was canceled
            if (currentNavigationState != null) {

and the problem is that first if statement returns true and currentNavigationState is not null having
value of my default view name and thus navigator does not allow for the view change ? What am I doing
wrong here ?

Many thanks,

Hi Adrian,

Could you please post the code you use to init the UI and navigate to the default view?


Hi Petter,

Many thanks for your reply and terribly sorry for my delay - had some unexpected problems
I had to sort out.

Yes - it was totally my fault - I found that there was one listener registered which was constantly
returning false thus the if statement alwas evaluating to true and returning without changing the view.