Navigation panel component

I want a navigation panel similar to the left-hand side of iTunes 10.

iTunes offers several items for the user to click on, grouped under labels which are not selectable. “LIBRARY”, “STORE”, “SHARED”, “GENIUS”, “PLAYLISTS” are all grouping labels with items beneath them. The grouping label exposes a “Show”/“Hide” button when the mouse pointer hovers. The Show/Hide button suppress display of the children items.

Think of it as a two-level tree, without the +/- labels, and the top level items are not selectable.

Vaadin’s Accordion component is close, but it would be nice for the user to see all the children items at once. Accordion is built to hide non-selected parents’ children.

The children represent panels in a series, like flashcards or like a software Wizard.

Is there some Vaadin component or Add-on I’ve not seen that does this?

If not, is there some way to make the top-level items in a Tree be non-selectable? I want users to click on the children (2nd level) but not the parents (1st level).

After some more digging, I have found:


The Melodian page mentions:

• SidebarMenu in
theme (look under “Compound Styles” > “Menus”.

• Disclosure effect in the

Any thing else I might consider?

–Basil Bourque