Navigating views with static statusbar on top

Im totally new to vaadin and I was wondering what would be a good practise to build UI with statusbar on top including some monitoring info (polling info from server etc) so that the rest of the screen would be used for set of views to explore.

I was looking for the vaadin’s navigator but couldn’t find how to use it just for part of the whole UI?

Any suggestions appreciated!

By default, a View takes the entire space of the browser window.
If you want a menu or a statusbar that should remain on screen even if the view changes, you can specify a container in which the view should be shown:

navigator = new Navigator(theUI, aContainer);

We use the pattern Emmanuel Denzer described here a lot in our applications.
You can use com.vaadin.navigator.ViewDisplay::showView(View view) to customise the menu for specific view contexts.

Thanks for the replies but im still little confused how the ViewDisplay works. Is there any good tutorial about that?
The navigator works fine with the navigateTo(“viewName”) and it works with the urls so what advantage I will get with this ViewDisplay and how can I apply it to the navigator properly?