NativeSelect.setMultiSelect(true) unsupported exception

Is there a reason why NativeSelect doesn’t support multi-select? It throws UnsupportedException if you try.

I’m asking because a true native select box allows for multi-select, and the class javadocs indicate it does, too:

I know I can use a ListSelect, too, but was wondering if this is something being added or if the javadocs need to be updated to indicate that it does not support it.

“without … support for multiselect”. Read more carefully. :rolleyes:

Not sure why it doesn’t support multiselect. It uses the
GWT ListBox
, which seems to support it. It could be that the
compatibility warning
has something to do with it.

Oops on the misreading … must have wanted it bad enough to note that “without” before the clause, though multiselect wouldn’t be considered an advanced feature either since regular select boxes do this in plain old HTML. For now, I’ll just use ListSelect when I need multi, but seems like something it should do.

Might want to update the javadocs for NativeSelect.setMultiSelect(boolean) “description” area to say it doesn’t do it instead of describing the very feature it doesn’t do (because it just uses the AbstractSelect verbiage).

Thanks for setting me straight!

Created ticket #7153 in the hopes that NativeSelect will add multi select since the underlying GWT ListBox does, as does the HTML select box.[b]