NativeSelect API

This is the description in the API for the NativeSelect component:


This is a simple drop-down select without, for instance, support for multiselect, new items, lazyloading, and other advanced features. Sometimes “native” select without all the bells-and-whistles of the ComboBox is a better choice.

I do wonder why the methods
are still in the API if they can’t be used?
Are they going to be removed in one of the next versions of Vaadin?

This is also odd because a true native select supports multi-select (including the GWT version), though not adding new items, lazy loading, etc.

I believe those specific methods, unfortunately, are defined in its superclass AbstractSelect. But the documentation for NativeSelect probably should just point out that they do throw UnsupportedOperationException rather than inherit the documentation from AbstractSelect that gives the implication that they may work. And implementing multi-select makes sense since both GWT and HTML support multiselect.

create an enhancement request
about the support for multi-select.