My custom css is not working...

I have followed the guide on how to add my own styles and that seems to be working… But when I add my own style and apply them to a TextField, the browser just ignore my style…

I have the following:

@import "../reindeer/reindeer.scss";

@mixin mytheme {
  @include reindeer;

  .v-textfield-align-right {
      text-align: right !important;

  .v-caption .v-captiontext {
    font-weight: bolder;

I see that my style has been added to the input text field in the html code but it is just being ignored… I tried to add !important too but no difference…
What am I missing?



Most likely something from the default theme takes precedence using normal CSS selector rules. Check the applied styles with Chrome inspector or FireBug. Most likely you either need more specific style names or you are themeing the wrong DIV.