My custom Connector is not use why ?

Dear All I’m new in vaadin I try to create a custom component extend DateField, why my connector is not taken.
What is the common error or mistake.
See attachement.

Thanks for all your help


A bit more details about how you have implemented the component would be useful.

Usually when extending an existing component, you need at least:

  • A server-side class extending com.vaadin.ui.DateField
  • A client-side widget that possibly extends com.vaadin.client.ui.VDateField
  • A client-side connector that possibly extends com.vaadin.client.ui.datefield.DateFieldConnector, and refers to the server-side class with the @Connect annotation
  • Compile the client-side classes in a widget set


The project structure indeed seems to have a problem. The client-side classes must be in a “client” package under the package of the .gwt.xml widget set descriptor. See the
project structure diagram in the book chapter

Thanks Marko

I currently looking at one of your post CSValidationTextField and looking for how your structured it.
I try to reorganize and check if it works


Thanks you so much Marko is working your project help me very much