MVP addon for Vaadin 7


Our application uses Vaadin 6 and we are planning to migrate it to Vaadin 7.
We used the following addon for MVP design…!addon/mvp4vaadin

Unfortunately, vaadin 7 is not supported by this addon.

Is there any other
MVP addon available which supports Vaadin 7 ? Ideally with minimal change in code.

We are kind of got stuck with our migration as this MVP addon is the basic design/model in our application.
Kindly respond.

Thank you


What parts of MVP4Vaadin are you using? The MVP-parts should be pretty easy to reimplement, but the navigation parts are trickier since they were created before the Vaadin navigation API was introduced.


Thank you for your reply, Petter.

We are using - View, Presenter classes.

import com.github.peholmst.mvp4vaadin.ViewEvent;
import com.github.peholmst.mvp4vaadin.ViewListener;
import com.github.peholmst.mvp4vaadin.View;
import com.github.peholmst.mvp4vaadin.Presenter;
import com.github.peholmst.mvp4vaadin.AbstractView;
import com.github.peholmst.mvp4vaadin.VaadinView;

Please let me know how to upgrade these to Vaadin 7.

Thank you

I just had a look at these classes and they should be pretty straight-forward to port to Vaadin 7. Most of them do not use any Vaadin APIs at all and can be ported as-is.

I’d suggest you copy all the classes to your project as-is and see what happens.


Many thanks for your reply.

I tried porting the mvp4vaadin addon classes into my project.
View, Presenter and some more classes use classes from (stuff4vaadin addon) the below packages…


and stuff4vaadin addon is not supported by Vaadin 7.

The list of stuff4vaadin classes used by mvp4vaadin addon are Adaptable and AdaptableSupport, UnsupportedAdapterException , Visitor , VisitableList classes.
I couldnt find any relevant documentation about the purpose of these classes.

Any suggestions ?

Those classes also should not have anything to do with Vaadin, but are used internally by MVP4Vaadin to avoid code duplication. Your could just copy-paste those classes into your own project and see if it helps.

Thank you Petter.
I have those classes in my local project.

Our project has another add-on which has classes extend from CustomComponent & AbstractComponent and they overrides method

public void paintContent(PaintTarget target) throws PaintException {


and this method does not seem to be in Vaadin 7 anymore.

What should I use in order to paint / repaint ?


That is a question I unfortunately don’t know the answer to. :frowning: Maybe somebody else in this forum knows?

Oh :frowning:
Will post this question separate and hoping somebody would answer as this would block our migration to Vaadin 7.

Yes, that sounds like a good idea.